Am I Eligible For a Reduced Trademark Application Fee?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently reduced the fee for filing a trademark application to a minimum of $225 per class of goods. So, if you’re filing a trademark application for a variety of baked goods, it’s a minimum of a $225 application fee. If you’d like that application to cover baked goods and legal services, you’ll be forking over at least $450 – a $225 fee per class of goods and services.

There are actually three tiers of fees: $225 for a TEAS Plus application; $275 for a TEAS Reduced Fee application, and $325 for a regular TEAS application.

To qualify for the Reduced Fee application, you or your attorney has to agree to file online, and receive communication from the Trademark Office via e-mail.

To qualify for the further reduced fee, TEAS Plus application, you must elect a description of your goods and services from this list. Not all goods will be on that list, so sometimes you won’t be able to use it. But if your goods and services are, you may qualify for the $225 application fee.