Do You Need A Zombie Apocalypse Clause?

Amazon recently made news when it updated it Amazon Web Services terms of service to include a contingency for the zombie apocalypse.

The clause applies to a new game development toolkit they’ve recently released.

How’d this get in there? Well, someone was having a little fun, and someone else realized that it would be good PR for their new services.

This isn’t the first time something’s been snuck into a terms of service either.

Game Station had customers surrender their souls when making purchases on April 1st, 2010. In another case, a software company hid a $1000 prize in their TOS, and 3000 people clicked through before anyone claimed the prize.

Most contracts are best when they’re short, clear, and to the point, but sometimes putting a little extra into the contract can garner you some free publicity at little or no cost. The trick, is being novel, and not sacrificing the integrity of the contract when you do so.