Getting Your Domain Name Back

If you have a registered trademark, there are several avenues available to get a domain name from someone squatting on it who registered the domain name in bad faith.

Somewhat frustratingly, the cheapest way is often to just buy it outright from the person who currently owns it. Your negotiation posture can be improved by evidence of your registered trademark and the risk of defending a costly legal action.

When you register a domain name, you agree to the ICANN UDRP that provides a reasonably priced way to get a domain name. The filing costs are around $1500, with additional legal fees to do necessary diligence and prepare the filing.

You can also sue in Federal Court under the ACCPA which will often carry a lower initial filing fee, but usually greater attorney fees in the long run.

Both the UDRP proceeding and the ACCPA case would carry additional legal costs as the cases proceed.