Infringement and Non-Infringement Opinions

Modern Renaissance Legal, PLLC can help your business feel free to operate in a crowded patent marketplace.

We will work with your company to identify the most relevant patents in your field, and gain a strong understanding of how your products and processes work. Modern Renaissance Legal will then analyze those patents for weakness, determine whether the patents are valid, and if your products infringe as they currently exist.

If possible, we will issue an opinion stating that your products do not infringe the patents, which can greatly reduce your liability for damages in a future patent infringement lawsuit. If the products potentially infringe, Modern Renaissance Legal will propose non-infringing alternatives to avoid potential future infringement.

Modern Renaissance Legal can also provide an infringement opinion – where we analyze your patents and a competitors product and issue an opinion on whether the competitor infringes.

Infringement opinions are a valuable step to take before you decide to begin an enforcement action, or enter a new market. In conjunction with our due diligence services, Modern Renaissance Legal can provide a complete service to identify valuable patents, potential targets, and provide opinions as to whether those targets infringe.