The First Step In Patenting Your Invention

So you’ve come up with a great idea and you want to patent it. The first step in your journey should be a prior art search. To know if your invention is patentable, you must first understand the prior art.

For an invention to be patentable, it must be new and non-obvious. A prior art search will analyze previously published patents, patent applications, scientific papers, and existing products to see if your invention has been previously disclosed by another person, or if your invention is obvious in light of those previous inventions.

A prior art search comes with some major benefits. First, the search will save you the cost of preparing and filing a patent if someone else published a description of your invention before you invented it. Second, understanding the prior art helps the patent prosecutor, the person helping you obtain the patent, craft the disclosure and claims of the patent to avoid the prior art, and to be patentable in light of it.

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