Validity and Invalidity Opinions

If you are looking to acquire a patent, sell a patent, or have been threatened with an infringement suit, you should know whether the patent in question is valid. Modern Renaissance Legal can evaluate patents for their validity over prior art, for whether the patent recites eligible subject matter, whether it has an adequate written description, and is enabled by the specification.

For opinions relating to validity over prior art, Modern Renaissance Legal can conduct its own search for prior art, or base its opinion on art provided by the client. Analyzing the validity of a patent with respect to prior art will include careful study of the patent, construing its claims, and comparing those claims to the prior art, either single references or combinations of references.

Modern Renaissance Legal provides its analysis a final form that best fits the needs of our clients, including formal opinions and easy-to-read claim charts.

Validity and invalidity opinions all include in-depth analysis comparing the claim language to the specification and figures, and relevant case law supporting the final opinion.

Our in-depth analysis and opinions will allow you to see the work and analysis underlying the opinion, and let you feel safe in relying on our diligence.