Why Should I Apply for a Trademark?

If you’re considering applying for a trademark for your company or brand, here are a few of the best reasons to it:

  1. Registration lets other people around the country know that you’re using the mark, and it discourages others from using a similar mark. Your mark will be published and searchable in the Trademark Office’s database.

  2. Registration prevents others from registering confusingly similar marks – the Trademark office won’t let someone register a mark that is identical, or too similar, for the same goods and services you offer.

  3. It provides you with nationwide protection for your trademark. Making it easier to expand your business in the future.

  4. Registering your mark sets the basis for strengthening your mark over time with new rights that accrue after five years of continuous use.

  5. Like any other property, a trademark has value and can (with some limitations) be licensed and sold. A registered trademark and strong brand is a cornerstone of a good franchise.

Registering your mark sooner, rather than later, can help avoid costly proceedings before the trademark office to cancel an earlier registered, but later used mark that competes with yours.